Oliver Happy Tail

Happy in his new home for 2016!








Our Oliver was a big hit at Plank Road Station’s big fall event! He is a handsome Great Pyrenees. No, they are not all white! Oliver has badger markings. He is wonderfully sweet and gentle.

cropped-Patch.jpgOliver was wandering around Munford for over a month.  A volunteer ‘ s twin daughters saw him around Munford HS on several occasions.  One morning she was driving home from dropping the girls off and saw Oliver on the side of the road.  Thinking he had been hit, or even worse…dead, she stopped.  She opened the car door, Oliver got up and jumped in the car.  Aside from being too thin and having ticks, fleas,  and several types of worms,  he was in good shape and seemed to know he had been rescued.

Oliver was with us for about a year, and the volunteer who found him faithfully visited him and took him for walks.

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