Become a HART Foster!


Because we don’t have a HART facility right now, we rely on our foster homes to give our dogs a safe place to stay while they are in transition to their permanent homes. With your help, we can save more homeless and at-risk dogs.

To participate in our Fostering program, first please read this page. Then call or email us to apply.  Once approved, we will visit your home so we can make an appropriate placement for your situation. Once you have had a home visit, you can take the dog home and foster the dog for a period of weeks or months. We provide starter food and veterinary care for your foster dog. We appreciate you providing the food and love!

We ask that you bring your foster dog to local events so they can get the exposure they need to get adopted. While the dog spends time in your home, you are teaching them how to be well-behaved and observing their personality. All of this information is helpful in finding them their forever homes!


Q:  How long will I have my foster dog?

A:  Each dog is different.  In general, younger healthier dogs get adopter faster and older dogs or those with special needs take longer.  Puppies are usually only with you for a short time.  Generally, we ask you commit to at least 3 months (except for puppies).

Q:  Can I adopt my foster dog if I fall in love with her/him?

A:  Absolutely!  In the world of dog rescue we call this a “Foster Failure” but it’s really not a failure at all.  Fostering is a great way to get to know a dog and they will be very happy that they never have to leave.  It’s a win/win!

Q:  What does Hart Animal Rescue pay for and what am I expected to contribute?

A:  When you pick up your foster dog, they will be up to date on all their shots and will be micro-chipped.  We can give you starter food and heartworm medicine.  From there, we just ask you provide food and love! If your foster dog needs veterinary care or shots, we will direct you to a locally approved veterinarian.  You may use your own veterinarian if we approve them, but you will then be responsible for the costs.


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