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EveCan you just imagine how a little dog would feel knowing that she was so important to someone to have a sweater to wear in cold weather when just a month ago, she was shot and in the woods with no idea why this horrible thing happened and if she were going to find help or not.

Well, she found a front porch…. the very right front porch.  A kind lady began to feed her and care for her.  Knowing this baby girl needed medical attention and help from a rescue group,  the compassionate lady called numerous shelters and even law enforcement searching for someone who could help this little dog.  Thanks to the internet, she found HART and was only 25 miles away from us.

The very next day, we went to save Eve.  Yes, it was Christmas Eve and Eve was the perfect name for such a special girl who was desperate to survive. Eve needed medical attention and most vet offices were only open until noon or closed the whole day. We contacted Dr. Ken McMillan in Cropwell, and were told to bring little Eve immediately to his animal hospital.

After a thorough examination by Dr McMillan, we were horrified to learn that this precious dog had been shot.  Eve had a through-and-through bullet wound to her leg.  She was emaciated and had ticks, an ear infection, and almost every parasite that a dog can have… including heartworms.  And she was not spayed.

Eve 2Dr McMillan treated her leg wound, bandaged her up and gave her medications to treated her immediate medical needs.  Eve was not out of the woods.  We needed to make sure that she would not lose her leg.  Her heartworm treatment and spaying would have to wait until she was stronger.

Eve has proven herself to be a real trooper.  In spite of all she has been through, we have not heard one whimper… not even when bandages were changed.  Eager to please, she is smart and is learning to be house trained.

Her recovery will be lengthy and expensive.  We hope that you will find it in your heart to help sponsor her by helping out with vet expenses.  We are most certainly looking at $1000+ for her medical care.  We appreciate your help.

Full of love, Eve is a survivor and so grateful to get a second chance.

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